Krieghoff k80 pro sporter

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Vic Harker tests the Krieghoff K80 Parcours, a Sporter with outstanding qualities in both appearance and originality of design. The most notable and unconventional is the sliding shroud above the breech face. M y gun for this review is the K80 Parcours with Sovereign Scroll engraving. The Krieghoff has never conformed to the categories of conventional design, so for those not familiar with the gun I will first describe its mechanical features.

Beginning with the lockwork, the rock-solid marriage between the barrels and the action is provided by a powerful coil-spring that pushes hard on the rear of the sears, so there is absolutely no play in the trigger mechanism. The component parts are all machined from the hardest steel both the sears and the hammers require a diamond file to cut. They are then polished by means of a ceramic stone to a glass-like finish. The sear-hammer engagement is an unusual one, with the hammer sitting on a step rather than in a notch as it would in most guns.

When the trigger is pulled the barrel selector pushes upwards, disengages the hammer to fire the first shot, and rotates in an instant to select the second barrel. This is as direct a mechanical function as it is possible to create; no further adjustment or tuning is required to maintain the crispest of trigger pulls.

After the second world war when production of the Model 32 ceased, an enthusiastic group of Americans took the gun to Krieghoff of Ulm, Germany, who reworked the design with more than satisfactory results. The stock configuration has elegant lines that complement the angular action perfectly to give the gun its purposeful looks. This is indispensable in a Sporter, which is invariably brought to the shoulder from the gun down position.

Impeccably inletted to the stock, this adjustable system is exceptionally robust and easy to use. Long barrels, with their enhanced pointability, can in many circumstances be helpful to the Sporting shooter, but only if they are suitably weighted.

Too heavy, and a Sporter becomes cumbersome: useful for targets at long range but slow and awkward for those closer.

krieghoff k80 pro sporter

Barrel weight was also kept down by the lack of a middle rib for 60cm in front of the monobloc, with a barrel loop ensuring rigidity under the forend. What constitutes Sporting clay targets nowadays is very much open to interpretation.

Clays are often presented at ranges that in the past many a shooter would not have lifted their gun to. In response to this some gunmakers create Sporter shotguns with specifications in terms of weight and length that far exceed those of the past. In the case of the K80 Parcours with 32in barrels, the scale is tipped at just shy of 8lbs 4oz. I require a high comb and I easily achieved 30mm at the face to 40mm at the back.

Drop at heel, which of course cannot be altered, was a sensible 50mm, providing a well supported head-up position. These dimensions supported my face and provided me with the correct elevation for my aiming eye. Too high for you? As to barrel weight, I have already mentioned its lightness, in part provided by a very narrow rib tapering from 7mm at the breech ends to 4mm at the front.Krieghoff K80 Sporter shotgun.

But slap an attractive bit of wood to a nicely engraved action body and this is a gun that can be made to rank alongside some of the best guns in the world — in particular where quality of craftsmanship is concerned.

Yet everything else that fits into, on and around, is largely done by hand. This might not be the most attractive way to lock a shut gun but the design is immensely strong and practical. The hammers and sears are powered by coil springs and the pierced titanium trigger blade that used to come as an option is now fitted as standard. Mechanically the Krieghoff is well proven so most changes to this gun for are purely cosmetic.

And the most obvious change has been to the woodwork. The wood quality has generally been upgraded and treated to a new factory finish called Diamond Glaze — a hard urethane shell that gives exceptional protection. Many K80 owners travel extensively to shoot both home and abroad and widely differing temperature and humidity conditions can cause wood to swell, or the grain to raise.

This is particularly the case when a gun is used in heavy rain and then encounters high humidity. The Diamond Glaze finish, however, can be cleaned easily and it is also resistant to minor knocks and scratches. Whichever way you look at it this is a shotgun which has been built to do a great deal of hard work and yet remain as comfortable as possible to its user. Barrels carry the special steel shot proof mark and the chambers with their long forcing cones have been chromed to resist wear.

Interestingly, the actual bores Each K80 Sporter comes with five extended stainless steel chokes and the barrels are finished off with a white foresight and silver mid sight. The 32in version has a ventilated top rib that tapers from 10mm to 6mm whereas the 30in version has a rib tapering from 12mm to 8mm at the muzzle.

The difference between the two ensures that the weight between both barrel lengths is roughly the same. All K80s are balanced around the hinge, and this is done individually to each gun. By a happy coincidence this arrangement suits most shooters, but should you have a particular preference for balance, then this can be accommodated, within reason. The action frame on the test gun is satin silver finish with some scroll engraving which contrasts nicely with the blacked locking slide.

This Sporter is supplied with an adjustable comb stock and the palm swell and slight cast has been done for the benefit of the right-handed shooter. Stock length is The gun comes in a very strong aluminium case, which is itself protected with a cordura cover. Telephone: Home Reviews Guns Shotguns. Product Overview.These disciplines require precise repeatable handling, with instinctive pointing ability, low recoil and ultra fast recovery between shots.

Absolute reliability is a must. To maximise the potential we individually hand balance every K Sporter. This is necessary as any gunmaker worthy of the name can control barrel and receiver weights within close tolerances but wood weight is the one variable in a top quality gun. The weight we add to the stock is cast into a tube and located as low down in the stock as possible.

krieghoff k80 pro sporter

This keel effect assists greatly in mounting the gun and has the added benefit of leaving the stock-bolt hole free of obstruction. As standard, we choose to leave a slightly weight forward feel, we believe this aids gun control, but we are happy to balance the gun to the owner's individual requirements. The K Sporter is available in 30" or 32" barrels, with the voice of tapered flat, or tapered step rib.

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Krieghoff K-80 Shotguns

About Krieghoff Engravings. Engravings Gallery. About Krieghoff. Krieghoff Servicing and Warranty. Instruction Manuals.Krieghoff GmbH. As the successor to the Model 32, the K carries on a tradition of excellence forged on the skeet and trap fields of America and enjoys a growing reputation in International shooting circles as well.

The K by Krieghoff is the product of the finest in precision German manufacturing and design backed by over a century of gunmaking experience and a distinguished American heritage. Today the K stands alone as the top competition shotgun in America and is emerging worldwide as a leader in International shooting venues.

Whether you are choosing a K for Trap, Skeet or Sporting Clays, it will be built around the same receiver, the heart of the K system. A workhorse capable of firing many hundreds of thousands of rounds in its lifetime, it begins as a piece of high quality forged steel being shaped in sophisticated CNC machines.

Download Brochure Press enter to begin your search. K — 80 The K by Krieghoff is the product of the finest in precision German manufacturing and design backed by over a century of gunmaking experience and a distinguished American heritage. Pacific Sporting Arms — West W.The Parcours model is suitable for both parcours shooters and hunters. Here we provide the results from user testing in both sport shooting and hunting. The legendary K! That's how this double-barrel shotgun is promoted on the website There's not a shooting range, tournament or hunting trip where this particular shotgun doesn't get mentioned at least once.

Everybody seems to be familiar with it. The conversation usually goes something like this: "Is that a Krieghoff? It's the new K Parcours! This is usually followed by some imprecise language that's difficult to put down on paper.

The K Parcours offers a revamping of Krieghoff's patented system. As the successor to the K, the K has earned a worldwide reputation and in the US it's a sign of good taste to have at least one K in your collection. Ed Solomon and Mark Winser demonstrate that the K Parcours has what it takes to be top in its class. And after looking into it more closely, there's one thing that surprised me especially: There's hardly a used K to be found anywhere!

And the few you can find are selling for a pretty penny. So in terms of resale value, it gets a big thumbs up. With its Parcours, Krieghoff put the "classic" K on a strict diet. The design has been slimmed down considerably -- the twin barrels in particular. Anyone familiar with the sport versions of the K immediately associates it with exposed barrels.

However, the K Parcours has a fully soldered set of barrels. Overall, the weight has been reduced depending on model by some to grams. As with all its competitors, the shotgun can be broken down into barrel set, stock and receiver. Here are a few facts and impressions.

Testing the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours

The rib on top of the twin barrels ends at a keen foresight. The trained eye of a marksman quickly notices that there's no locking hooks on the dual barrel at the cartridge chamber. The Krieghoff comes in classic barrel lengths of 71 cm, 76 cm and 81 cm. The Parcours can get a little heavier, depending on the model. It also sports factory-installed alternating chokes. I had a chance to fire a version with 81 cm barrels, but the contrast with the 76 cm was minimal. Unlike other shotguns, the K locks at the top of the receiver rather than at the bottom!

Picture it this way: When the shotgun is closed, the latch plate slides OVER the barrels to lock the gun. This has a number of advantages: For one thing, the system doesn't need hooks, and since there's no other locking mechanism on the barrels, the receiver is very flat. The leveraging effect when fired is reduced, so the pivot point is further toward the front and top.

It's rumored there are K shotguns that have fired more than a million rounds and are still going strong.Contact Us. See our current inventory below!

Of course, we can supply any grade or model of K or K - Call or email for availability! K80 Sporting. K80 Pro Sport. The higher rib design and corresponding higher stock allow the shooter to keep their head in a more erect position on the stock, thereby increasing sight range and allowing for quicker target acquisition, reduced neck fatigue, and reduced perceived recoil. K80 Parcours. The Parcours gives the shooter a gun that is approximately 8 pounds with the proven reliability of the K receiver.

Call Robert for more info on this exciting offering from Krieghoff. Haven't had a chance to shoot a Parcours? We have a Demo Parcours which we can easily arrange to send to you to try out. Call Robert to arrange a test drive! Ser SOLD!

Krieghoff Assembly with Braxton Newman

Here it is! Bbls - This new offering from Krieghoff is tailored for ladies - Shorter LOP and appropriate pitch and cast - Also lighter than the traditional K20 approx 7 bls - This K20 has a Right hand stock with a factory adj. Call me for more information on the new Victoria model from Krieghoff! Ser Sug. K Parcours Special Grade 32" Sporter - currently configured with 28 ga. Parcours Model - This new offering from Krieghoff is lighter that the traditional K20 Sporter approx 7 lbs - Right hand "Parcours" stock with factory adj.

K Vienna Scroll Grade 32" Sporter - currently configured with 28 ga. K 20 ga. K 28 ga. The right side of the receiver illustrates how Cody earned his famous nickname. The receiver bottom shows the classic showman pose Buffalo Bill was famous for framed in gold script and ornate scroll. Click on the photo to the right to examine all sides. Feodorow's work here - www. Heym to the client's wishes - The client was ecstatic upon seeing this commissioned custom grade!

Bbls - This new offering from Krieghoff is lighter than the traditional K20 approx 7 bls - This K20 has a Right hand "Parcours" stock with a factory adj. K Super Scroll Grade 30" Sporter - currently configured with 28 ga.

krieghoff k80 pro sporter

Visit Krieghoff International. Click here The game requires a fine balance between the well-honed instincts of a good wing shot and the controlled, measured performance of a clay target veteran. The K Sporting is a gun that blends the balance and responsiveness of a game gun with the soft recoil, smooth swing and rugged reliability of a competition gun.

Visit Krieghoff International Click here We are proud to be the 3 Krieghoff Dealer Worldwide for We stock many grades of the K s and K s in Skeet and Sporting models. K80 Sporting The challenge of Sporting Clays lies in the fact that you shoot at a nearly infinite variety of targets.Right handed 3 stock and 7 schnabel forearm, 5 titanium chokes included, come in Negrini case. Kreighoff offers a wide variety of engraving options for K80 and K20 models at varying costs.

Krieghoff Shotguns

We can order a gun for you with the engraving pattern of your choice in various configurations. Below are a few examples of previously ordered firearms. If you have any questions about different engraving patterns or time frame to order one, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Gold Plantation Scroll. Vintage Game I. Super Standard. Celtic Scroll. The higher rib design and corresponding higher stock allow the shooter to keep their head in a more erect position on the stock, thereby increasing sight range and allowing for quicker target acquisition, reduced neck fatigue, and reduced perceived recoil.

Both POI settings are approximations and can differ slightly. Changing your POI to your personal preferences is as simple as using the adjustment wheel on the rib of the Pro Sporter. By loosening the set screw and lowering the rib down you can achieve a higher POI. The K Pro Sporter transitions easily between all of the clay target disciplines offering the versatility and performance of Krieghoff.

Save For Later. Safety: Top tang push button safety. Optional engravings available. Case: All K sporting guns come in a fitted hard case. Choke Tubes CT bottom and top, 5 included.

Single selective mechanical trigger, adjustable for finger length.

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